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My Star Wars Collection!

Clearly, I've been the biggest geek on the planet. But no longer! Instead, it could be you! ;)

I'm selling my old StarWars collection!

Right now I'm trying to sell everything as a collection, but I'm willing to take offers for individual items. If I can't get a suitable price for the entire thing, I'll be contacing everyone interested in just pieces of it around August.

Please feel free to email me about it; takenmoniker at gmail dot com.

So, if you think you're interested! Click the cut! The list is about five pages, and there are a few photos.



NOTE: I tried to list everything, but as you can see there is a heck of a lot of stuff and it's very likely that I missed a few things. If you see something in the photos that's not listed below - please let me know about it!

Terms of purchase are listed at the bottom.

Sorry for the bad spelling, this is way too long and annoying to look over and the spellchecker freaks over all the wierd names.

12 Novels:
Tales of the Bounty Hunters - multiple authors, edited by Kevin J. Anderson
Book 1 of The Bounty Hunter Wars - The Mandalorian Armor - K.W. Jeter
Book 2 of The Bounty Hunter Wars - Slave Ship - K.W. Jeter
Book 3 of The Bounty Hunter Wars - Hard Merchandise - K.W. Jeter
Book 1 of The Black Fleet Crisis - Before The Storm - Michael P. Kube-McDowell
Book 2 of The Black Fleet Crisis - Sheild of Lies - Michael P. Kube-McDowell
Book 3 of The Black Fleet Crisis - Tyrant's Test - Michael P. Kube-McDowell
The Truce at Bakura - Kathy Tyers
Shadows of the Empire - Steve Perry
Tales From The Empire - mutiple authors, edited by Peter Schweighofer
Book 2 of Hier to the Empire - Dark Force Rising -Timothy Zahn
The new Jedi Order - Vector Prime R.A. Salvatore
*Note: All books are mint with these exceptions: There are a few books that have received minor sun damage on the tops of the pages which has caused them to yellow at the very tops only. The covers are completely undamaged. Also, 'Vector Prime' which I acquired second hand, and had already suffered some damage. It looks a little beat up, but it's not in bad shape by any means.

Other Books, Magazines and Comics:
Golden Books StarWars 'Tell-A-Story Sticker Book' - like new, but stickers have been placed.
Dark Horse Comics Shadows of the Empire Comic Book
StarWars Kids Magazine, Premiere Issue
Mad Magazine StarWars Cover #2 of 2 for The Phantom Menace Condition: Gently Used
Popular Mechanics Magazine 'The Machines of Episode One' Edition, with limited edition collector's poster. Magazine is mint, but poster has been removed and shows light signs of use.
StarWars Insider Magazine, Released with Episode One. Queen Amidala Cover. Mint
Antique 'The StarWars Story Book' by Scholastic Book Services 1978, near mint condition but previous owner left his name inside cover.
StarWars The Phantom Menace collectors booklet, sold in theaters at movie premier. near mint.
From StarWars to Indiana Jones - The Best of the Lucasfilm Archives by Mark Cotta vaz and Shinji Hata. Mint.

1 Darth Maul Cookie Jar (in mint condition except for small scratch on left shoulder)
Two Adult Episode 1 Ticket Stubs
RoseArt StarWars Trilogy Sticker Album. Near mint. Has 41 unique StarWars stickers placed inside, still lots of room for more.
The Power of One: Special Editorial Supplement of The Globe and Mail - not mint, but like new.
Retarded scrapbook full of weird pictures, fliers, and pieces of packaging that I made because I was obsessed. Includes candy wrappers, foil pictures from action figure packages and more Episode 1 tickets. In a well used condition.
One life sized Darth Maul lightsaber, with batteries. Unfortunately, only one end lights up. I don't know why, it cames this way and I didn't return it because there were none left to exchange it for. The glue on one end is loose at the piece can be screwed off and put back on. I imagine this happened during a lightsabre battle with my brother. Otherwise, item shows little evidence of use.
Three StarWars Valentines. 1 Storm Trooper 1 C-3PO and 1 Obi-Want Kenobi. Made out to Mrs. Robson by her preschool students. Gently used.
Three Episode One magnets from KFC. Anakin Skywalker, Darth Maul and Jar Jar Binks. Gently used.
Kenner StarWars Buddies Plush Jabba The Hut, like new with tags.
Kenner StarWars Buddies Plush Ewok (not Wickett) like new without tags.
Episode One Darth Maul Pencil Sharpner, and Obi-Wan Eraser. New, in package.
Three Topps Premium Cards, Series One, Star Wars Galaxy. #24, 56 and 57. Mint, in package - but package has been opened.
StarWars Episode One Promotional Pin featuring Obi-Wan and Darth Maul fighting.
StarWars Episode Ones HEROS Playing Cards. New in package.
Two decks of StarWars Episode One Playing Cards. HEROS and VILLAINS in numbered, limited edition tin. Gently used.
Two decks of StarWars Episode One Playing Cards. HEROS and VILLAINS in numbered, limited edition tin. New, in package.
LEGO 77-piece Gungan Patrol set. Complete with original packaging, instructions and flyers. Gently used.
1998 Boba Fett Maquette, exquisitely painted on pivoting pedestal. Mint.
1997 Boba Fett Figural Mug. by Applause. With package.
The Art of Ralph McQuarrie, book box. Includes 6 protected stamps. 15 postcards in opened, original packaging. Mini-book "The Art of Ralph McQuarrie, with art prints and interveiw by Kevin J. Anderson and Michael Carabetta.
Coruscant Planet on Pedestal, opens to reveal Amidala and Senator Palpatine. I think I got this in an Episode One Happy Meal.
Hasbro Royal Elegance Queen Amidala Collection Doll with stylable dress.
550 Piece 'A New Hope' foil poster puzzle. Opened.
Ross Art stamp collection with washable black ink. 45 stamps. 2 stamp holders. Gently used, in original black box.
3 of 8 collectable StarWars Caps Pog Slammers. Storm Trooper, Luke and Obi.
Topps collectible StarWars Caps Pogs. Numbers 6, 30, 60, 29, 6, 6, 4, 50, 15, 4. 10 total.
Lays Collector Card, 2 of 12. Watto. Slightly worn.
Action figure package info cards. 15 total. Gently used.
StarWars Action Fleet, Luke's X-Wing. Comes with removable micro sized Luke and R2-D2. Moving S-foils. X-Wing attaches to stand which fires torpedos and makes crash and firing noises, as well as several quotes. "I can't shake him." "Use the force Luke." "This is Red Five, I'm going in." My brother got mad and smashed it on the driveway, so it could use a little maintenace. Some small peices have fallen off, and two are missing so that they cannot be reattached. Aside from snapped off parts it is in excellent condition, no other damage.
1997 Endor scene panel with stickers of Wickett, AT-ST and Trooper on speeder.
Moss Eisley Cantina Foldable Cardboard Set for Action Figures. Gently used.
1996 Digital C-3PO watch. Very good condition.
1996 KFC/Taco Bell Darth Vader Cup with poseable arms. Good condition.
1995 AT-AT walker. High quality model made of see through plastic with painted and detailed insides. 10 Snow Trooper visible through plastic in various positions.
1997 Applause plastic Ewok cup
1997 Applause plastic Darth Vader cup. Has two light white scratches on left side behind mask. Otherwise mint.
1998 Death Star easy to assemble plastic hobby model. I started to paint it's base stand, and never finished it. Otherwise untouched and in original box.
Three slides with original packaging. 1997-1998. Lando Calrissian, Chewbacca, R2-D2
1996 Darth Vader's lightsabre. Batteries are dead and extendable sabre is gone. What's left is in reasonably good condition. When activated it makes humming lightsabre sounds and various clashing sounds when it strikes something. Flashlight ending.
1995 Applause Boba Fett 10" figure with "real wookie hair" braid and poseable arms.
1999 figurine set includes Qui-Gon, Maul, and Obi-Wan in poster styled fight sesquence. Bonus battle droid included. All mint except Obi, whose sabre has broken off at the base. Could easily be repaired so that no one would ever know the difference but you. I'm willing to make this repair before shipping if you like.
Puzz-3D R2-D2 with button to make several electronic beeping noises.

Empire Strikes Back, movie artwork poster.
ROTJ Millenium Falcon poster with Death Star battle in behind.

Episode One movie artwork poster.
Episode One, Anakin with Vader shadow poster.
Episode One, Jedi vs Sith poster.

** All posters are in good condition. Some have pinholes or ticky tac on the back. First two are in best condition. Refer to photos. All are curled from storage, but that can be easily remedied by new owner.

Action Figures
Padme Naberrie: with pod race screen and CommTech Chip New in box.
Darth Sidious: with CommTech Chip. Mint condition, in opened box.
Queen Amidala: mint
Original 1977 C-3PO. Looks it's age but is otherwise in good condition.
1995 C-3PO.
1998 Episode 1 "naked" C-3PO.
Original 1977 Luke Skywalker in Tatooine clothes. Also looks it's age. Unfortunately, his retractable lightsabre has been broken off and is long lost. Otherwise good.
1995 Old Ben Obi-Wan with blue lightsaber. Mint.
Two Episode 1 Qui-Gon with green lightsaber. Mint.
Episode 1 Sneak Preview STAP and Battle Droid with firing laser missles. Mint with package. Opened - but barely. Droid is still attached with original clear elastics to STAP.
1999 Episode 1 poseable Darth Maul with fabric sith cloak and speeder.
1999 Greedo with bendable knees. Weapon still attached.
1996 Greedo with weapon.
1995? Jawa with weapon and window-light up eyes. Came in a package of two, second Jawa was smaller and had a smaller weapon as well. I used to take it to work with me several years ago and it was stollen from me by a customer when I wasn't looking. :(
1995? R2-D2 with two attachable accessories and opening top.
1995 Princess Leia with removable white cloak and robe. Two weapons.
Episode 1 Padme Naberrie in Naboo Attendant uniform. Two silver weapons.
1996 Swoop speeder with Swoop Trooper. Fires missle.
Episode 1 Jar Jar Binks with GunGan battle staff.
1997 Han-Solo with headset and Millenium Falcon pivoting turret bay and turret. Has four shootable missles.Designed to attach to a larger structure.
1995 Yoda sits in blue training backpack. Came with a cane, but it is lost.
1996 Luke in Stormtrooper disguise. Removable hat. Comes with trooper gun.
1995 Han Solo in Hoth gear. Two guns.
1995 Vader with red lightsabre.
1998 Episode 1 young Obi-Wan with blue saber.
1995 Chewbacca with two weapons.
1998 Episode 1 Tatooine Trooper with hovering droid. Shoulder pad and weapon.
1998 CROSS-EYED!? Chewbacca with chained neck as Boushh's bounty. With crossbow.
1997 Princess's Corellian Cruiser rebel trooper. **
1998 Senator Palpatine in blue robes.
1997 Lando Calrissian with removable cloak. **
1997 butt-chin dude from the Mos Eisley Cantina whose name I can't remember and gets his arm chopped off. **
1998 Episode 1 Padme at the pod races with display monitor accessory.
1995 Han Solo with blaster. **
1999 Han Solo with blaster. Removable vest, highly poseable.
1998 Episode 1 Naboo Ric Olie. Weapon still attached by original elastic.
1997 ROTJ Throne Room Battle. Includes Luke with green sabre, Vader with red saber and loose cape, sitting emporer in throne watching. Chair is attached to small platform with pegs for supporting action figures. Original cardboard background showing window and final battle outside deathstar included.
1996 Boba Fett and IG-88 with original weapons.
1998 Gasgano and pod racer maintenance droid.
** There are seven spare weapons for action figures, and I don't remember which action figure they belong to. Figures markes with ** probably still own their accessory (I've been very good about not losing things), you'll just have to figure out which of these it is.

Photos of action figures, one and two.

Micro Machines
1996 Bespin Set - Boba Fett's head opens into several scenes from Bespin.
1996 Bespin Set - Vader's head opens into several scenes from Bespin.
Both sets show various rooms with different action capabilities. The doors that Luke it shoves through in Vader's head (see photos) detach easily, and are only in fair condition.
Figures included:
Han Solo
Boba Fett
Storm Trooper
Vader with saber out.
Vader standing.
Luke with sabre for fighting Darth.
Like with sabre for swinging at stuff Vader's chucking at him.
C-3PO on conveyor.
Bespin conveyor worker.
Chewie with C-3PO on back.
Ships include:
Bespin cloud car
Slave I
** Also a Luke and R2-D2 in aforementioned X-wing.
Episode 1 Micros:
Two battle droids.
Qui-Gon with sabre.
Two Naboo pilots. (Sit in silver ship which fires missles.)
** Most of these fit into a Naboo docking bay set that includes several action capabilities such as an exploding wall.
Darth Maul sitting on speeder. (Speeder lost.)
** There is also a Tatooine set that Darth Maul belongs to, and possible another of the figures.
Anakin and R2-D2. (Sit in yellow ship, on stand.)

CommTech player with working batteries.
Chips are on offical chain and include:
General StarWars chip that came with CommTech
Young Obi-Wan
Naked C-3PO
Jar Jar
Queen Amidala in disguise
Padme Naberrie
Queen Amidal in royal apparel
Senator Palpatine
Ric Olie
Han Solo
Qui-Gon Jin.
** Two more chips available in packaged Padme and Sidious action figures.

Odds and ends:
There is a small hovering droid peice that goes with one of the action figures I think, but I can't figure out which. Gasgano is my best guess, but I can't find where it attaches.
There is a small peice of Tatooine terrain that doesn't seem to fit in anywhere.
There is a strange double gun, that lights up with a red laser beam. It also has a large fireable projectile. I have no idea what it came with, just that it came with some of this stuff.
Also, a Lays promotional cardboard pop-out poster featuring Yoda is available if you're willing to pay the shipping for something this huge. (About 6ft long.)

!! Sorry, I really lost intrerest after Episode 1 came out, but people kept buying me things. I didn't really pay attention to things after that point like I used to, although I still took good care of them. That's why my memory is pretty terrible about putting some of this back together.


Items will be sold at my liesure to the best offer. If I do not recieve any offers of sufficient value, I will be posting this as an eBay auction no later than Sunday July 23rd.

If you've bought online before, you know the drill. I have done my best to describe everything clearly, and accurately. I will not be responsible after shipping for any small details that I may have missed. If you recieve your package and Obi-Wan has a pin sized knick on one of his toes, I'm sorry - but I will not be making a return. If in doubt about any of the items please ask for specific details or photos!

Paypal is preferred, but I am willing to accept and consider other options. Feel free to talk to me about them.

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