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Ep I figure help?

Can I ask you guys a question? I think I'm going crazy, but I hope not - maybe one of you will have the answer. A couple of weeks ago, I was surfing around online looking for a 12" Padme doll, and came across one from Ep I. She looked to be wearing the Battle outfit, and I don't believe she was the one that came in the Qui-Gon two-pack. As I recall from the text, the molding of the face is considered to be extremely accurate - and the doll was not for sale from the site. It was more of an informational site with pictures of what had been available. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?

Thank you!

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There was a series of four "fashion" dolls for little girls, but I don't recall seeing one in the battle outfit. Are you sure it wasn't an Episode I figure released after Episode I had been out a while? In any case, you can always check Rebel Scum and/or Cloud City Collectibles. :)